Capsule of Life®

You are living alone, and fall on the doorstep, hitting your head.

A neighbour calls 911 for you, but knows nothing about your medical history. You are taking several pills to control your blood pressure and heart condition, and your daughter lives in another city. You are unable to explain any of this to the paramedics who arrive to assist you. One of the paramedics notices a Capsule of Life identification magnet on your fridge.

She opens it and obtains the name of your physician, the location of your family, a list of your medications, and your wishes regarding treatment. You are transferred to the ambulance with your information, and when you arrive at the hospital, the medical staff contacts the people on your list.

What is Capsule of Life ®

EMS Foundation, in partnership with Calgary Emergency Medical Services, provides the means to assemble a capsule containing health and contact information to be placed in the refrigerator. This program educates the public in the importance of having medical information stored in an easily identifiable location for EMS personnel. When a patient cannot speak for themselves, the information can mean the difference between life or death.

Who may benefit from the Capsule of Life ®

  • Senior citizens
  • Chronically ill persons
  • Young children under the care of a sitter
  • Long distance car and truck drivers
  • Those living alone

In 2009, EMS Foundation distributed more than 11,000 Capsules of Life®, the majority to senior citizens.


Pick up your free Capsule of Life® at a Co-op pharmacy in Calgary or Airdrie, or call EMS Foundation at 403-955-9550.

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