Research & Education

EMS SEED Program (Bursary)

In partnership with the Cumming School of Medicine, two Paramedics have received bursaries to attend graduate studies in order to advance the field of pre-hospital care through research in the SEEDS program (EMS Research Education Development Studentships).

This program will develop the important area of EMS research (a topic largely under-researched), provide education and mentorship opportunities in research to EMS providers, and strengthen research partnerships between the EMS Foundation, the University of Calgary, and the Alberta EMS system.

The research that emanates from these studentships will develop and assess an evidence-based and sustainable suite of measures reporting the ‘effectiveness’ of EMS systems and the ‘quality’ of care provided by paramedics for both adult and pediatric patients on relevant outcomes. This suite of measures will support evidence-based decision making by EMS leaders.

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