Pilot Programs

The Foundation raises funds to support pilot programs that benefit EMS practitioners.

To date, the Foundation’s fundraising efforts include the purchase of a Power-load Bariatric Stretcher System, Non-emergency Patient Transfer vehicles and the pilot of a Therapy Dog.

The EMS Foundation is proud to support the AHS EMS PAWS (Psychological Awareness and Support) program. The PAWS program uses a trauma-informed approach that focuses on emotional and psychological safety. The PAWS dog’s natural instinct for human engagement enhances the psychological support environment. When not supporting EMS staff after challenging calls, the PAWS Team provides mental health-focused education to help decrease stigma, increase resiliency and raise awareness about the resources available to employees experiencing a psychological injury.

One initiative the EMS Foundation is particularly proud to participate in is the EMS Psychological Awareness and Support (PAWS) program. Paramedic Erica Olson works for Alberta Health Services and, through years of hard work and collaboration, developed a program that includes some 4-legged support from Delray, the first Accredited Facility Dog to work for an EMS service in Canada. Erica and Delray have a busy schedule travelling all over the province and needed some specialized wheels to get around.

The EMS Foundation supports PAWS by Purchasing the specialized vehicle that Erica and Delray can safely get to where they are needed.

Supporting PEPP (PADS Education and Puppy Play) sessions where Paramedics get to interact with future Accredited Facility Dogs and learn about how canines can support mental health.

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