Excellence in Resuscitation Coins 

In May 2016, Alberta Health Services Emergency Medical Services (AHS EMS) officially joined the Canadian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (CanROC). This
national research study is focused on improving outcomes from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, and as part of this study, each cardiac arrest event is reviewed in detail, including the minute-by-minute defibrillator/monitor data. In reviewing the details of cardiac arrest events, our team was moved by our colleagues’ performance in these difficult and dynamic situations.

In order to recognize our colleagues for the incredible work that they do in resuscitation, the EMS Science and Research team created the challenge coin and selected October 16, 
"World Restart a Heart Day",  as the annual date to bestow the coins. This event celebrates those who have represented their links in the "Chain of Survival" with knowledge, experience, practice, and dedication.

The EMS Foundation is proud to be the sole sponsor for this exlusive event. 

There are four categories for the coin recipients:

1. High-Performance Dispatch Award:

A successful resuscitation starts the moment the 9-1-1 call first comes in. Emergency Communication Officers (ECOs) play a critical role in ensuring that the right resources arrive quickly, and timely bystander CPR begins. 

2. High-Performance CPR and Resuscitation Award:

Awared to those that met the metrics of > 90% compression fraction, 100 to 120 beats per minute for compression rate, and additional metrics that supported continous, effective, high-performance CPR. 

3. Peer Choice Award for Resuscitation in Arduous Conditions:

Awarded to crews that were faced with extremely difficult obstacles or conditions during the cardiac arrest sequence and the resulting resuscitation attempts.

4. The Project Brock Lifesaver Excellence Award - Celebrating Chain of Survival Teamwork:

The Project Brock Lifesaver Excellence Award serves as a
testament to the incredible strength that emerges when
communities unite to save lives. It honours the Chain of
Survival, where each link plays a critical role in increasing the
odds of survival during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. 

Below: our 2023 recipients and honored guests.

AHS-Award winner group-4351

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