Young Medical Minds

Young Medical Minds is a joint initiative between Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health, the EMS Foundation and the local medical community.

Inspired by his own exposure to careers in science at a young age, Dr. Nichol wanted to provide a similar experience to youth in his community.  Young Medical Minds was created to provide a fun and non-judgmental environment, along with incorporating the theme of teams and teamwork. We focus on exploring careers in health care, specifically in a rural setting.

Young Medical Minds is a 6-week non-profit program, which gives an opportunity for grade 8 students from Camrose and the surrounding communities to explore health careers, guided by volunteers and led by health professionals.

The grade 8 students follow STAN from when they sustain a significant injury, requiring a phone call to 9-1-1, a transport by ambulance including out-of-hospital, in-hospital care, along the continuum of health care until STAN is a new student at AuguSTANa University. This immersive and hands-on program allows grade 8 students to be exposed to over 20 career options in health care. As well, there is no fee or charge to the students to participate in Young Medical Minds.

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