Project Smile

Every year, paramedics treat thousands of children for injury and illness in Alberta.

These situations can be extremely frightening for a child which can make providing treatment difficult at times. However, our Paramedics have an extra trick up their sleeves to aid them during these stressful incidents. Thanks to Project Smile, Paramedics can provide sick and injured children with their very own stuffed “Medic Moose” toy. These plush moose have proven effective in decreasing fear and anxiety thereby allowing paramedics to provide the best care possible.


Consider this:

You are driving down the highway when the truck beside you changes lanes without warning. As you struggle to avoid a collision, you are forced off the road onto the shoulder. When your wheels hit the gravel, you loose control of your vehicle and roll twice before coming to a rest upside down.

You are conscious and injured, but unable to assist yourself or your child, who is still firmly strapped into his car seat behind you. When the ambulance and fire trucks arrive, a team of paramedics assess and extricate both you and your child, who is terrified and crying.

One of the paramedics reaches for a Medic Moose, which is stocked on every city ambulance. The child accepts the toy, begins to smile, and allows the paramedics to continue treating him. You are relieved, knowing your child is being comforted, and that you are receiving the best care possible.

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